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While retaining the durability and strength of natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds offer superior consistency and a cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds for industrial tool manufacturers. From PCD and TSP, through to single crystal diamond products, we can offer you a synthetic diamond solution engineered to meet your specific needs. By taking the time to understand your precise operational needs, we work with you to supply a tailored solution, offering fast turn-around times and a team dedicated to building long-term working relationships.

Our Range Of Synthetic Diamond Solutions

Tailored Product Solutions

Shannon Abrasives are global full-line suppliers of supermaterials. We partner with each of our customers to develop industrial diamonds solutions for their specific requirements. Producing tailored product solutions for a variety of technical applications and industries, our customers range from large multinationals and SME’s, to artisan tool manufacturers.


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Industries We Work With

We bring unmatched industry expertise and personalized service, along with the latest products, processes and technologies.

Oil & Gas

For oil and gas industry customers of all sizes, we provide diamond solutions that transform on-site performance and tool reliability in the most extreme settings.

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Aerospace & Automotive

Efficiency and precision have never been more important in the aerospace and automotive industry sectors. Our tailored solutions can optimize your production process, maximizing accuracy and minimizing inefficiency.

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By providing natural and synthetic diamond supermaterials of the highest specification to large-scale mining equipment manufacturers, we help you drive efficiency and performance.

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Construction & Stone

Our durable and reliable industrial diamond products complement the toolmakers’ skills in the production of saw segments, wire beads, infiltrated bits, and electroplated tools.

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Precision Machining

We offer a range of products including HPHT and CVD single crystal mechanical grade diamond products ideally suited to the ultra-precision machining industry.

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