Is your TSP fit for purpose?

With so many different TSP materials for sale, how do you know you are getting material with consistent quality with the right properties for your application?

With proprietary manufacturing methods and no standard methods to assess mechanical properties it is hard to compare one manufacturers material with another without testing it in its chosen application.

Here at Shannon Abrasives we gathered 10 TSP materials of primarily the same size and shape from 8 different manufactures and tested them against our own premium grade. To rank each material for wear resistance we used a mixture of microstructural and compositional analysis (SEM, EDM and X-ray diffraction) teamed with a robust wear test which we developed in-house (the Milling Attrition Test).

The milling attrition test wears the material by a mixture of impact and friction in a fluid environment. It uses a planetary mill with 3 chambers which rotate around the central axis and simultaneously around their own axes in the opposite direction. The milling medium is loaded into the chambers with the sample to be tested and the test fluid. The sample undergoes multiple high energy impacts with the milling medium and the chamber walls during milling as well as friction against the milling media. The percentage weight loss is then measured and the materials ranked against each other.


What we found was that the wear properties of some TSP materials varied widely within a batch where as others were very consistent. In addition, some manufactures material properties were shape dependant while others remained primarily the same irrespective of shape showing good control of sintering parameters.
Comparison of the wear data with the microstructural and compositional analysis showed that grain size distribution, free silicon content, diamond content and matrix composition all influence the wear properties of TSP material.

The results of the tests are shown in the graph below. The best performing material (highest wear resistance/lowest % weight loss) was found to be our own premium grade and is available as SATS_80 in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more information on this product please contact Donal Carey on 00353 61 475 066 or at


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