Shannon Abrasives’ provide a full range of Polycrystalline diamond products from PCD discs and segments utilised in precision machining of non-ferrous materials to PDC for shearing and drilling of rock formations, TSP for gauge protection, PcBN for the machining of cast iron and steel materials and CVD for precision cutting tools, scalpels and wear components.

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1108, 1308, 1313, 1613 & 1913mm Cutters
Diamond layer thickness from 1.6mm – 2.2mm

Multiple grades available to suit differing abrasion or wear resistance requirements.

  • Standard: 5.5Gpa
  • Premium: 6.8 Gpa

Typical Applications: Oil & Gas drilling and reaming, geological sample coring, marble chainsaws, concrete floor levelling & polishing.
Polished diamond layer finish available on request.



Domed PDC cutters for mining applications are available in a range of sizes and can be made to customer specifications.

Shannon Abrasives – Domed PDC Data Sheet



Shannon Abrasives offers a full range of Polycrystalline Diamond discs and inserts in unimodal and bi-modal grain sizes to meet the demands of the precision machining and wear industries

PCD Disc Diameters: 48um, 55um & 58um
PCD Grain Size: 5um, 10um, 25um & multimodal 30um & 2um
PCD Disc Height: 1.6mm, 2.0mm & 3.2mm
PCD Diamond Layer Thickness From 0.5mm

Bi-modal PCD grade with grain sizes of 2um & 30um providing excellent wear resistance & edge strength. Suitable for roughing & milling applications.

Application Areas

  • Metal matrix composites including high silicon aluminium alloys.
  • High Strength cast iron & bi-metal machining.
  • Fibreglass and other highly abrasive materials

Fine grain PCD grade with median grain size of 5um providing good wear resistance & edge strength. Easy to mechanically grind and electronically discharge machine. Suitable for fine finishing and for complex tools and wear parts.

Application Areas

  • Thread cutting tools.
  • Profile routers.
  • Wear parts and guide rails.

Medium grain PCD grade with median grain size of 10um providing an excellent balance between wear resistance & edge strength. The most popular grade where roughing and finishing are performed with a single tool.

Application Areas

  • Medium and low content aluminium alloys.
  • Stone, Graphite, Copper, Glass, Wood composites, Fireboard etc.
  • Wear parts and guide rails.

Coarse grain PCD grade with median grain size of 25um providing excellent wear resistance for the most abrasive machining conditions

Application Areas

  • High silicon content aluminium alloys.
  • Metal matrix composite materials.
  • Tungsten carbide and ceramics.

Grade & Disc Dimension Availability

pcdsegments A full suite of EDM or Laser cut segments can be supplied to your individual engineering drawing requirements.



High Pressure High Temperature sintered diamond/silicon composite materials.

  • Standard: Bi-modal diamond content
  • Premium: Tri modal diamond content with reduced free silicon

Typical Applications: Incorporated into the surface body of Oil & Gas and mining bits to hold gauge in downhole drilling applications. Incorporated into stabilisers and paddles in downhole directional drilling apparatus.

Metal coatings available including Titanium and Nickel to aid incorporation into metal matrix bits and aid surface protection.




Shannon Abrasives supplies a full range of PcBN materials in both carbide backed and solid formats for the machining of hardened steel and cast iron based materials.

Carbide Backed PcBN

Full range of carbide backed PcBN grades that cover a wide variety of applications and materials.

  • SABNC50, 80, 90 & 93 are available as a 33mm disc.
  • SABNC60 & 160 are available in 33 & 45mm disc formats.

EDM or Laser cut segments are available as per your requirements.

Carbide Backed PcBN
Carbide Backed PcBN – Recommended Applications

Solid PcBN

Shannon Abrasives supplies a full range of ISO solid PcBN inserts in two grades suitable for the machining of hardened steels and cast iron materials.

SABN95 is a high PcBN content grade with coarse grain size suitable for the machining of cast iron. It exhibits high fracture toughness and excellent wear resistance together with high chemical stability.

SABN73 is a medium PcBN content grade suitable for the machining of stainless steel. It has a combination of wear resistance, chemical and heat resistance as well as impact toughness, allowing for higher machining speeds and longer tool life.

Full range of ISO inserts available to your requirements.

Solid PcBN – Recommended Applications


Mechanical grade CVD diamond used for precision cutting tools, scalpels and wear components where extreme performance and consistency are required. Available in 2pt and 4pt orientations.

Size Availability

  • SCV-4 x 3 x 1.2 mm
  • SCV-4 x 3 x 1 mm
  • SCV-3 x 3 1.2 mm
  • SCV-3 x 2.5 x 1.2 mm

Along with the standard sizes shown above customers can request bespoke dimensions for their particular application.


HPHT Single Crystal

Shannon Abrasives HPHT single crystal diamond is offered in 3 categories.

  • SCW
    Irregular plates.

  • SCX
    Near perfect right angles.

  • SCT
    Perfect right angles.

Size Availability

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